Letters from Clergy FMP members

Dear Father Gruner,

My thanks for this FMP Volume 1, Issue 1 of June 2008 Newsletter. I will immediately copy this and send the copies over to our Cardinal, Archbishops and bishops and to all my friend priests in the whole of our country Indonesia.

As you know, I have a group of ten persons who practice the devotion to the Five First Saturdays since 2006 until now. We celebrate the Mass in my poor cottage 10 km. outside the city. Sometimes came a few people along with us. Be sure Father, every day I pray 5 (five) Rosaries for our Fatima Apostolate.

I hope in praying that the Heavenly warning finally should be heeded.

Father K., Indonesia

I have read through the FMP booklet including the Fatima program for the priesthood. I congratulate your efforts and pray for Heaven’s support for you. I wish to be enrolled please.

Father O., Nigeria

I would request you to provide 100 Rosaries and other holy articles. Several Catholic students are asking me to get for them.

I’m glad and grateful to you for offering me a golden opportunity to enroll myself in The Fatima Movement of Priests. I’ll be eagerly awaiting a Certificate of Enrollment and Membership Card.

Father O., Nigeria

I organized special devotions once every month for the intention of the Fatima Apostolate in my parish.

With the help of books sent to me, I try to persuade and convince many priests for the need to consecrate Russia.

Father O., USA