Invitation to Join — Priests

Dear Father,

The purpose of The Fatima Movement of Priests is to help as many priests as possible, ourselves included, fulfill the will of God.

We know through the Message of Fatima what God specifically wills for our time. Our Lady of Fatima told us “God wills to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart”. The means of fostering this devotion was detailed in Our Lady’s Fatima revelations.

A Movement born from International Fatima Conferences

Since October 2006, our Fatima Center held three International Peace Conferences for bishops and priests on the Message of Fatima: Tuy, Spain and Fatima, Portugal in October, 2006; Sao Paulo State in Brazil in August 2007; and Chennai (Madras), India in late January, early February 2008.

We were encouraged to see priests and bishops from all over the world attend these gatherings in order to learn more about the Message of Fatima, to better understand its importance, and to gain ideas on how to promote it in their priestly work.

Once our conferences come to a close, priests the world over continue to express their interest to know the Fatima Message and make it integral to their daily lives.

One priest who attended the conference said, “the conference gave me a very clear exposition of the urgency of the Message. It was challenging. I am going to be a Marian priest and do all I can to please Our Lady and obey Her commands.”

Another priest pledged to “start spreading the Fatima Message wherever I am appointed and wherever I travel... I will proclaim it to all I meet.”

We received many such comments from priests who attended our international gatherings. How then do we keep the momentum of these peace conferences ongoing?

In response to this need, we have formed The Fatima Movement of Priests. It is a worldwide association open to every priest in the Church to bring about a true renewal of the Church in light of the Message of Fatima, and to spare both the Church and the world the chastisements which Heaven itself warned us about through the Mother of God.

This is a letter of invitation to become part of The Fatima Movement of Priests.

It requires very little on your part. In fact, the basic points of The Fatima Movement of Priests are distilled into five simple principles:

  1. Total adherence to the dogmas of the Faith as infallibly defined by the Magisterium;
  2. To believe and preach the constant teaching of the Ordinary and Universal Magisterium on Our Lady's special role as Mediatrix of All Graces;
  3. To understand and promote the full Message of Fatima;
  4. To pursue unwaveringly the true Consecration of Russia, by name, in a public ceremony conducted by the Pope and all the bishops of the world in obedience to Our Lady of Fatima and Her divine Son;
  5. To live the Fatima Message in our daily lives and to promote it by word and example.
We invite you to read the enclosed booklet on The Fatima Movement of Priests.

Part I of the book contains a succinct summary of the Fatima Message, its importance and urgency.

Part II briefly explains further the five principles of The Fatima Movement of Priests, and how priests can implement Our Lady’s Message into their sacred ministry.

The booklet’s final chapter [10] contains numerous ideas and suggestions on how to make the Message of Fatima more central in priestly and parish life. A number of priests who attended our international gatherings are putting these principles into practice already!

Obedience to Our Lady’s Message has never been more urgent.

We know Our Lady came to Fatima warning if mankind does not repent, God will “punish the world by means of war, famine, persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father.”

To prevent these chastisements, Our Lady of Fatima requested:
  • The daily Rosary and the Communion of Reparation of the Five First Saturdays;
  • the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, promising, “If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.”
Catholics, non-Catholics and even non-believers sense that the world is spiraling out of control. Not only are wars and rumors of wars increasingly in the news, but economic meltdown and food shortages blaze across the headlines of the daily press.

Can we not see in all of this the predictions of Our Lady of Fatima unfolding before our eyes?

A Word about Your Special Role as a Preacher

Making the Fatima Message known requires, above all, explaining, clarifying, defending and preaching. The spoken and written word carries more power when it comes from a priest.

Of course, lay people use the media, internet and discussion groups to spread the word, but only the priest is called to preach with the authority of the Church behind him. As Blessed Abbot Marmion teaches, “only the priest is given the mandate to preach.”

The Fatima Movement of Priests is founded to help you in your preaching of the Fatima Message, and (as principle #1 indicates), the preaching of all of the sacred dogmas of the Church.

We know you preach these great truths anyway, but how much more encouraging it is to be part of a worldwide movement of priests all committed to this holy cause to which Our Lady has promised us “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph ... and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.”

How the Fatima Center Will Help You

The Fatima Movement of Priests is fully funded and organized by Our Lady’s Apostolate. Through the generosity of our 1000s of supporters and benefactors, we are able to offer you, in addition to spiritual support, material things you need to be effective in the mission Our Lady of Fatima has given us.

If, as we hope and pray, you become a member of the Movement, you will receive:
  • A Certificate of Enrollment and Membership Card;
  • Resources in your ongoing education in the Message of Fatima together with specific helps in how to more effectively preach and promote it;
  • The latest Fatima literature, including books and DVDs which we often sell to others but at no expense to you;
  • A quarterly Newsletter to keep you up to date in what is happening in The Fatima Movement of Priests;
  • Sacramentals such as Rosaries, Scapulars, medals, prayer cards, etc., for distribution to the faithful.
Let us say again how important this work is. The Mother of God has warned us that failure to heed Her request of Fatima will mean the loss of millions or even billions of souls and the annihilation of various nations.

In light of these dire warnings, it is heartening to see an increasing number of bishops and priests recognize our duty to make the Fatima Message known, understood and obeyed.

The Fatima Movement of Priests is an ideal vehicle by which this God-given mission can be accomplished. It is a concrete plan of action to implement Fatima into our lives, our parishes, our dioceses.

Please return the enclosed Pledge of Commitment to us TODAY.
  • Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
  • Father Terence Hoare
  • Father Paul Petko
  • Father Marcus Tillia
  • Monsignor John Esposito
  • Father Karl Claver
  • Father David Belland
  • Father Paul B. Sretenovic
  • Father Patrick Perez
  • Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. The Fatima Movement of Priests [FMP] booklet is designed to answer your questions about the Message of Fatima and the principles and program of the FMP. If you have any questions after you've read it, please write or e-mail Father Gruner. He or one of his associates will do their best to answer promptly. We hope to hear from you soon.