Frequently Asked Questions about FMP

I already belong to the Marian Movement of Priests. It’s the same thing so I don’t need to join FMP.
The FMP specifically promotes Our Lady’s Fatima Message and concentrates on helping to fulfill Our Lady’s Fatima requests. The FMP will provide you with the latest information, literature and sacramentals in order to do this.

If I belong to the Marian movement of Priests can I join FMP also?
Yes you can.

What is the difference between FMP and Marian Movement of Priests?
The FMP is simply more specific, concentrating on Our Lady’s Fatima Message only.

What are my obligations to you if I join FMP?
You are not obligated to us. Remember that you are working for Our Lady, those on your path, and yourself.

Do I have to send a report of my accomplishments as a member?
No, it is not required. But if you wish to, we would certainly be happy to hear about your accomplishments.

Are you going to financially assist me? If so, how?
No, unfortunately we cannot help you financially. However we will provide free sacramentals and literature if requested.

All I can do is pray for the FMP, can I still join? Yes, you can still join. Prayers and Rosaries are perhaps the greatest help of all.

Can I ask other priest friends to join?
Yes, you can ask other priests to join, but be sure to have them read the FMP booklet first. And if they agree with it and they are a priest in good standing with a devotion to Our Lady, they are welcome to join.