The Fatima Movement of Priests is a concrete plan of action to implement Our Lady's Message of Fatima into our lives, our parishes and our dioceses.

It is a loose confederation of Catholic priests and bishops the world over who have resolved to make the Fatima Message more central in their own priestly lives and in their work. Members adhere to the Five Principles of The Fatima Movement of Priests [see below] which are simple principles easily incorporated into daily life.

The Fatima Movement of Priests was born from three international Fatima Peace Congresses held by the Fatima Center: Tuy, Spain and Fatima, Portugal in October, 2006; Sao Paulo, Brazil in July 2007; and Madras, India in late January, early February 2008.

Bishops and priests from around the world attended these gatherings to learn more about the Message of Fatima, to better understand its importance, and to gain ideas on how to promote it in their priestly work.

The Fatima Movement of Priests exists to keeps the momentum of these international gatherings alive, and to aid bishops and priests in giving the Message of Our Lady of Fatima the importance it deserves.

How the Fatima Center Will Help you

The Fatima Movement of Priests is fully funded and organized by Our Lady’s Apostolate. Through the generosity of our 1000s of supporters and benefactors, we are able to offer you, in addition to spiritual support, material things you need to be effective in the mission Our Lady of Fatima has given us.

If, as we hope and pray, you become a member of the Movement, you will receive:

  • A Certificate of Enrollment and Membership Card;
  • Resources in your ongoing education in the Message of Fatima together with specific helps in how to more effectively preach and promote it;
  • The latest Fatima literature, including books and DVDs which we often sell to others but at no expense to you;
  • A quarterly Newsletter to keep you up to date in what is happening in The Fatima Movement of Priests;
  • Sacramentals such as Rosaries, Scapulars, medals, prayer cards, etc., for distribution to the faithful.